Greenbrae Stoves Highland are pleased to announce that we are now offering up to 12 months 0% finance on all stoves, flues and complete installations. No minimum spend required.

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Here are some examples of our more recent installations.
Please bear in mind that most of our customers had not yet finished/decorated the room at the time of these photos being taken!

Heta Kosi (Grey)

with rear flue

on Caithness Hearth

with Caithness Slips

Finished with a custom Oak Surround

Jotul F105SL

with rear flue

on Polished Caithness Hearth

finished with a metal trim and Contemporary Oak Beam

Scan 66-1

Suspended on Matt Black Eco-ICID

Above Clear Glass D Shaped Hearth

Jotul F134

with Matt Black Eco-ICID flue

on Natural Caithness Teardrop Hearth

Heta Inspire 45

with concealed flue

on Polished Caithness hearth

with full height charcoal cladding

Jotul F373

with Matt Black Eco ICID flue

on tiled floor

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5

on Polished Caithness hearth

with top flue

in recess with fireboard

and finished with Oak Beam Surround

Heta Inspire 40

with rear flue
in lined fireplace opening
on a Natural Caithness Slate Hearth
with steel trim
and finished with a floating oak mantle

MCZ Club Hydromatic

with rear flue
on a Natural Caithness Slate Hearth
with Charcoal Cladding

Scan 66-2

with Stainless Steel Eco ICID pipe
on a Square Clear Glass hearth

Termatech TT20RS

with Matt Black Eco-ICID pipe
on Clear Glass Teardrop hearth

Jotul F105SL Matt Black

with Matt Black Prima pipe
on Caithness Slate hearth
with Caithness Slate frame

Heta Inspire 45 on Log Stand

with Matt Black Eco ICID twin wall flue to ceiling
on Caithness Slate curved front hearth

Jotul F163 White Enamel

on tiled floor
with Stainless Steel Insulated Flue from top outlet to ceiling
with Ecofan Airmax.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 on Log Stand

in recess
on customer’s own hearth
with flue from top outlet, connecting to lined chimney.

Jotul F305 with Short Legs

on polished Caithness hearth
with polished Caithness slips in customer’s own surround
flue coming from rear outlet and lined chimney.

Scan 83-2 in Glossy Black with Aluminium Trim

on Caithness teardrop hearth
with Matt Black Eco-ICID pipe to ceiling.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7

on polished Caithness hearth
with rear exit flue
finished with rustic oak beam

Aarrow Ecoburn 9kW

on Caithness slate hearth
with Vitreous Enamel pipe
adjoining Eco ICID insulated pipe.

Stratford Ecoboiler 20kW

on Caithness Slate
with Stainless Steel Insulated pipe
(puppy not included!)

Scan 85-2

on Steel Floor Plate
with Matt Black Eco ICID insulated pipe to ceiling

Stratford Ecoboiler 16kW

within fireplace recess
on Caithness Slate

Termatech TT40R with Complete Soapstone

on Caithness Shaped Hearth
with Matt Black Insulated Pipe

Jotul F167

on Brazilian Curved Hearth
with Matt Black Twin Wall Insulated Chimney